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I started my journey through music photography. It started when I was interning with Saam Marathi to photograph the Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Festival in Pune, India. What I expected to be quite a boring day turned to be one of the best days of my life ! I ended up falling in love with Indian Classical Music and have covered many music events since. Music and Event photography to me is all about capturing the subtle emotions & a good ear for music always helps in capturing those.

After a lot of work in music, I decided to try my hand at other types of portraiture ; like weddings & portfolios. I have been photographing weddings since the last 4 years, this genre has become an integral part of my photographic life !!

I found in every aspect of portrait photography, emotion is the binding element. As a photographer, one needs to feel those emotions in order to freeze them.

I am also a passionate traveller! - and I always have and will love travelling for assignments. When photographing people, the more I know them, the better I am able to frame them. I am naturally drawn towards moments and pictures that contain emotions ; strong emotions ! And I hope you will feel those emotions when you look at my pictures.


‘A picture for every sound, A picture for every emotion.’

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